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Anster Cheese



Weight approx 200g.

Unpasteurised cow’s milk


Hard and slightly crumbly.

St. Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Company, Falside Farm, Anstruther, Fife.

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Product Description

WHAT IT TASTES LIKE: Gentle, fresh, lemon peel and natural yoghurt sharpness with a full-flavoured acidic finish. Firm and crumbly paste.

WHERE IT COMES FROM: The Stewart family have farmed at Falside in the East Neuk of Fife for more than 50 years and have been making cheese by hand from the milk of their own Holstein cows since 2008. The cows graze on lush green pasture looking over the fishing village of Anstruther, known locally as Anster (pronounced Ainster). Pairs well with Pinot Noir or Merlot. Made by Jane Stewart.