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Vacherin Mont d’Or Small


Size: Small

Unpasteurised cow’s milk



France Comté, Eastern France

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WHAT IT TASTES LIKE: Soft, creamy and very more-ish, hints of meadow flowers and white wine with a woody finish.

WHERE IT COMES FROM: Produced only between mid-August and mid-March when the cows come down from the pastures of France's Jura mountains, Vacherin is sumptuously oozy and creamy from the herd’s fatty barn-fed milk. So oozy, the sticky paste has to be held in place by a spruce band, which adds a hint of resin to Vacherin’s fruity and floral notes. Ours is made by Sancey Richard from the raw milk of a single herd and only 100 tons are produced over the season, making it a true hand-crafted farmhouse cheese. Dip into it while it’s piping hot from the oven, or scoop it straight from the box.