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Parmigiano Reggiano


Weight approx 200g.

Unpasteurised cow’s milk


Hard, crumbly, flaky and brittle with crunchy protein crystals.

Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

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WHAT IT TASTES LIKE: Strong, sweet and full-flavoured, with a fruity floral fragrance and a slight salty tang. Hard and crumbly.

WHERE IT COMES FROM: True to the Italian ‘slow food’ artisan spirit, Società Agricola Valserena in Torrile, Emilia-Romagna, make just nine wheels of Parmigiano daily and are one of the last four dairies in Italy still using milk from the Alpine Italian Brown cow, which they have been breeding since 1879. This ancient and rare breed produces milk with an intense flavour, which gives this moist and crumbly cheese a particular deep, fruity richness. The best cheeses are more than two years old – ours is 30 months.