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Duckett’s Caerphilly


Weight approx 200g.

Unpasteurised cow’s milk


Creamy and crumbly

Somerset, England

WHAT IT TASTES LIKE: Clean, fresh flavour with notes of fresh grass and raw mushroom, a hint of lemon, and a pleasant mineral tang.

WHERE IT COMES FROM: Since at least the 19th century, Cheddar makers in Somerset have turned their hand to making Caerphilly and Duckett’s is the latest in that long line of tradition. Made by the Westcombe Dairy in Somerset, the pressed curds are bathed in brine that is at least 20 years old with its own unique microbial community, creating a thin rind. The dairy has even diverted a stream through the ageing room to create the perfect temperature and humidity. Duckett’s is named after cheesemaker Chris Duckett, whose family has been making Caerphilly in Somerset since the 1920s. When he retired, Westcombe Dairy took on his recipe – and brine tank! – to keep the tradition alive.