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Alp Blossom


Weight approx 200g.

MILKThermised cow’s milk.


TEXTURESmooth and creamy.


Bavaria, Germany.

WHAT IT TASTES LIKE: Creamy and nutty with notes of savoury beefiness, oregano-like herby edge and a floral aroma.

WHERE IT COMES FROM: Alp Blossom is the creation of cheesemaker Albert Kraus at Hofkäserai Kraus in Bavaria using the milk of two local herds of Brown Swiss cows, one belonging to his brother and one belonging to his neighbour! The cows graze on mountain meadows producing milk with a high butterfat content that gives Alp Blossom its rich flavour and a dense, creamy texture. The cheese is matured for around four months to gain its own character before being pressed with local organic – and edible! – flowers and herbs from the Bavarian Alps ‘hay belt’, such as cornflowers, calendula, rose petals and lavender. Pair Alp Blossom with a Bavarian beer like a Helles or a Bock, or for a more unusual companion, try a delicate white or oolong tea.