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Weight approx 200g.

Pasteurised ewe’s milk


Creamy, firm, grainy, oily and supple

Pyrénées and Basque Country, Aquitaine, South-West France

WHAT IT TASTES LIKE: Luscious and velvet texture. Elegant, refined sweet flavours and butterscotch finish.

WHERE IT COMES FROM: Produced in the Basque border regions of France and Spain by Peio Etchelocou, this cheese takes its name from the Irati Forest and Ossau Valley in the Pyrenees. Shepherds move their flocks of red-face and black-face manech sheep to the mountain pastures in the summer to graze on the rich grass and flowers and cheesemaking takes place in mountain huts known as cayolar. This delicious, nutty and robust raw ewe's milk cheese has grassy and floral notes when produced in the summer, becoming herbaceous and earthy with autumn and winter milk.