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Support the Cheesemaker 2

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Support the Cheesemaker, Save the Cheesemaker with this week’s selection:

  • Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire. Graham Kirkham is the third generation of cheesemaker at Beesley farm in Goosnargh, near Preston, and his mum is the original Mrs Kirkham. The last raw milk Lancashire being made today, it’s buttery and yoghurt with a bright acidic tang. Back in the day, Lancashire farmers often didn’t have big enough herds for daily cheesemaking, so curds of varying maturity were collected over two or even three days. Graham continues this unique tradition with a two-day method producing a cheese with a rich yet light and fluffy texture. When the cheese is young (up to 12 weeks) it’s known as creamy Lancashire, over 12 weeks it’s tasty Lancashire.
  • Coolea. In 1979, Dutch couple Dick and Helene Willems moved to a farm in West Cork, Ireland, and started producing their own Gouda-style cheese as a hobby. A few years later Coolea was picking up prestigious awards. Sweet and rich with hints of caramel, butterscotch and honey, it is matured for between 18 months and two years and it would give any traditional Dutch boerenkaas– farmhouse aged Gouda – a run for its money. Our Coolea comes from the local pasteurised cow’s milk produced between March and October, when the Irish grass is at its lushest and greenest, giving an extra depth of flavour.
  • Ogleshield, an amazing washed rind cheese reminiscent of a Raclette made by the West Country Montgomery family, of Montgomery’s Cheddar fame. Ogleshield is a beautifully rich and savoury cheese with a sweet and milky aroma and a springy paste, ideal for cooking and melting, made with the pasteurised milk of the Montgomery family’s small Jersey herd. Gorgeous golden-yellow paste too.
  • Traditional Ayrshire Dunlop was the Cheddar of Scotland, the everyday cheese for many a family. Mild, fudgy and nutty, it was first made in the 1700s and used whole cow’s milk, where skimmed milk had previously been more common. However, production in Ayrshire gradually fell away as Cheddar became more popular and farmers could sell their milk further afield on the new railways. Nowadays the name Dunlop is generic, so the cheese can be made anywhere, but Traditional Ayrshire Dunlop – which we source from Dunlop Dairy at Clerkland Farm, Stewarton – shows it is made in the original area with milk from Ayrshire cows. Made with vegetarian rennet and pasteurised milk, it’s moist and mild at six months, maturing at 12 to 14 months, with a slight sharpness and smooth, close texture.

All cut cheeses are approx 220g each.

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