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Picos de Europa


Weight approx 200g.

Pasteurised cow’s and goat’s milk


Creamy, grainy and spreadable

León, Spain

WHAT IT TASTES LIKE:  Rich, sweet, earthy, salty, spicy and creamy with a grainy but smooth melt in the mouth finish.

WHERE IT COMES FROM: Unusually, a cheese of mixed milk from Friesian and Alpine Brown cows and Pyrenean goats, Picos de Europa is wrapped in maple or chestnut leaves which hold the paste in place and also provide a haven for good moulds and bacteria. It's traditionally produced in the Valdeon Valley of Castile-Leon in north-western Spain and matured for a minimum of two months in limestone caves. For those who like strong and spicy blues, this is worth checking out. Lovely accompanied with membrillo (quince paste) or drizzled with honey.