"We specialise in unusual cheeses that can’t be sourced on most supermarket shelves. We have a carefully balanced selection of world class British and Continental Artisan cheese for the discerning chef and foodie with great taste. Our cheese can be purchased from our refrigerated shop at the west end of Glasgow, or can be ordered on-line.

Every cheese lover needs accessories and we have fantastic cheese knives, slate and wooden cheese boards, jams, truffle honey, chutneys, oatcakes and crackers. We also sell a wide range of freshly baked Artisan German breads.

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Please feel free to browse our on-line shop where we have a fantastic selection of Artisan cheeses and accompaniments. 

Gift vouchers now available

Gift vouchers available.Why not treat someone to a gift voucher where they can come into our shop in the West End of Glasgow & sample many cheeses before redeeming their vouchers.

Vouchers are available in £20 denominations and can be purchased from our shop in Glasgow.



                              ISLE OF MULL CHEDDAR


MILK:  Unpasteurised cows milk from predominantly Friesian breed with traditional animal rennet.

TEXTURE:  Semi hard, chewy and creamy.

REGION:  Sgriob-ruadh (pronounced ‘Ski-brooah’) farm, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland.

Isle of Mull Cheddar is considered to be the King of Scottish Cheddars and has numerous awards including a gold medal at the World Cheese Awards. The cheese reminisces of alcohol due to the cows being fed leftover fermented grain supplied by the nearby Tobermory malt whisky distillery. It has an ivory and slightly soft paste that is feisty, complex, sharp, yeasty, sharp, tangy and fruity. A full bodied cheese that will compliment any cheeseboard. Pairs well with Chianti, Zinfandel or a dram of Whisky. Made by The Reade Family.


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Aug 30 @ 22:49
@LokeirSmadrid6 @Or_am_I love @GeorgeMewes not been in for a while. Still working here the joys of running your own business ;(first Sat tho
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@LokeirSmadrid6 @Gerard_D_ @GeorgeMewes Cheese your new vice? Is that where all the trendies are going? Suppose I better give it a follow
Aug 30 @ 21:43
@Or_am_I @Gerard_D_ now, now.. @GeorgeMewes took a battering yesterday
Aug 30 @ 18:36
Courtesy of @GeorgeMewes, some of my all time faves, Valencay & Fourme D'Ambert and some new friends too! http://t.co/FVVXXE7HDu
Aug 30 @ 14:40
I make fudge for @GeorgeMewes and he provides gorgeous cheese for after dinner tonight! @arabbadger will be chuffed! http://t.co/sZSN4QBomX
Aug 30 @ 13:01
My fridge and wine-rack are both happily groaning with treats after a trip to @Inverarity121 and @GeorgeMewes :-D Payday is made of win :-D
Aug 30 @ 12:57
@patrickharvie @GeorgeMewes I have it - it's all mine! Allllll miiinnnnneee! :: cuddles the cheese ::
Aug 30 @ 12:17
Off now to @GeorgeMewes with some fresh and soft @hebseasalt and caramel fudge and a box of vanilla too! See you in 20 mins! :) x
Aug 30 @ 11:25
@GeorgeMewes @Fi_Q_ one of the best cheeses I've ever tried. Seriously.
Aug 30 @ 11:16
@GeorgeMewes lucky customers who can get a taste of that George.

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